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Capacity :

120 combipack blisters per minute.

Collation :

5 to 15 combipacks

Speed Synchronization :


Conveyor Width :

300 mm

Change Over Tools :


Process Control :

The Collator is in standby mode at power on. It starts running automatically when blister packing machine starts running.

Machine Interlock

Low air pressure, conveyor jam.


Only Auto mode

Power Failure :

The Collator runs on battery backed up ram. In case of a power failure, it runs through a power recovery sequence, i.e. battery backed up values / parameters are reloaded into the program.

Emergency Stop :

A normal stop switch is provided to the operator on the panel.

Critical faults :

They will be indicated on the PLC by glowing of corresponding LED`s.

Data and Security :

The program is secured by 2 levels of passwords. Production related data is available in the PLC, it may be collected through the RS 232 port. Compatible software will have to be developed by you.

Display :

6 digit 7 segment display + 16 status LED`s + 16 action LED`s

Intervention :

Is provided at certain points in the program.

Data  Erasing :

Has to be done manually.

RS232 port


Environment :

The machine is suitable for use between 15 to 40 degree centigrade and RH between 30 to 70%.


We are using our own microprocessor based controller.



Any feature / facility not specifically mentioned above is not available in our standard model.


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