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Capacity :

2 x 120 strips per minute for Horizontal layout.
5 x 60 strips per minute for Vertical Layout.

Collation :

5 to 15 strips

Speed Synchronization :


Maximum Foil Width :

310 mm

Conveyor Width :

300 mm

Change Over Tools :


Process Control :

The Collator is in standby mode at power on. It starts running automatically when SPM starts running.

Machine Interlock

Low air pressure, conveyor jam.


Only Auto mode

Power Failure :

The Collator runs on battery backed up ram. In case of a power failure, it runs through a power recovery sequence, i.e. battery backed up values / parameters are reloaded into the program.

Emergency Stop :

A normal stop switch is provided to the operator on the panel.

Critical faults :

They will be indicated on the PLC by glowing of corresponding LED`s. There are no messages.

Data and Security :

The program is secured by 2 levels of passwords. Production related data is available in the PLC, it may be collected through the RS 232 port. Compatible software will have to be developed by you.

Display :

6 digit 7 segment display + 16 status LED`s + 16 action LED`s

Intervention :

Is provided at certain points in the program.

Data  Erasing :

Has to be done manually.

RS232 port


Environment :

The machine is suitable for use between 15 to 40 degree centigrade and RH between 30 to 70%.


We are using our own microprocessor based controller.



Any feature / facility not specifically mentioned above is not available in our standard model.


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